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August 2005:
Friday, the 12 th Mercy Lounge - Map to Venue

This is a BumpCity show!

One Cannery Row - Nashville, TN
Call (615) 251-3020 for info

BumpCity is a tribute to Tower of Power, the great horn-funk band from Oakland, CA.

Comprised almost entirely of alumni of The Guy Smiley Blues Exchange, BumpCity is sure to please lovers of clean funk everywhere.

This is a really amazing collection of musicians that have worked hard to reproduce Tower of Power's huge sound. Check out this tribute to one of America's greatest musical bands!

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The CDs are on sale online at Amazon.com and
the Homegrown Music Network (just click on the link)
and also may be available at the following local record stores

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Blockbuster Music


Compact Discovery


Indienet Records


Tower Records


Cat’s Music

franklin, tn

Cat’s Music

knoxville, tn

Disc Jockey

evansville, in

Sunburst Records

huntsville, al

You can also pick one up at our shows or by contacting us here:

The Guy Smiley Blues Exchange
P.O. Box 150373
Nashville, TN 37215-0373

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