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This CD was released in 1998. Enhanced CDs were in their infancy. The GSBE attempted to be a part of this revolution and worked for an eternity to put a true "Blue Book" Enhanced CD together. Blue Book CDs never took off - there may not be anyone releasing Blue Book CDs anymore.

An additional result of this CD being being released long ago is the applications that are included are now ancient. Windows 98 and Mac OS9 were the rage in 1998. WinAmp has changed a lot and MacAmp is not available anymore. The Cthuga plug-in and screen savers may not work with your version of WinAmp and operating system. Sorry...where were you in '98? No bother - glad you're here.

Your first troubleshooting step should be to look at the readme.txt file in the root directory. It contains extensive information on running all of the applications on the disk. These original readme files are also available for download here:

Secondly, please register your copy of the software that is included. The main products to register are Winamp- the MP3 player for Windoze, and MacAMP- an outdated MP3 player for the Macintosh. Supporting the authors of these programs will just make the software better in the future. The Guy Smiley Blues Exchange has gone to great lengths to make sure that these programs are available for you for free, so do us both a favor and register them.

The 'Pictures' directory does not contain pictures of the band. It is used by the CD Extra format to display the album cover and other things in CD Extra compatible media players. Not many of those are around. Click here if you're looking for pictures of the band.

This support page is incomplete but should get you started. Click on one of these options for specific information regarding your problem:

Overall problems

Most likely you're on a Windoze machine. Here's the solution if you can't do anything but listen to the regular CD audio:

  1. Double-click on My Computer
  2. Right-click on your CD drive (should say GSBE)
  3. Choose "Explore" from the list of commands
This will open up the contents of the data portion of the CD!

Video problems
  • Can't see the video at all? You need to download Quicktime.
  • Can you see the video but can't hear the audio? That's because the audio is in MP3 format and only Quicktime version 4 and higher support MP3 playback. Click here to go download Quicktime.

Problems with the screen saver

Not really sure what problems you could be having installing the screen savers other than it may not be compatible with your operating system. We have no Mac above OS9 to test on but it most likely does not work with OSX.

On Windoze all you have to do is double click the only file in the 'Screen Saver' directory ("GSBE Screen Saver.exe") and it will automatically install it and make it active. To check and see if you installed it correctly on a Windoze machine:

  • Clik on the Start button
  • Click on Settings->Control Panels
  • Double click Display
  • Click the Screen Savers tab
  • Verify that "Gsbe" is listed as the chosen screen saver
  • That's it- it should work great
For the Macintosh running OS8 and OS9 you must restart your machine before the screen saver will be active because it uses the control panel. To verify installation on a Mac:
  • Click on the Apple Menu
  • Open Control Panels
  • Verify that the GSBE Screen Saver is there and turned on
  • That's it- it should work great

Problems with Winamp

To install Winamp, the MP3 player for Windoze, double click on Winamp, then double click on Setup.exe. This will run you through the installation. Just pick a directory to save it in on your hard drive, and it will install the player and te customized Cthugha visual plug-in. If you click "run program" at the end of the installation, it will begin to play back the 5 MP3s on the disk. The installer will place a folder called "Winamp" in your Start menu. From there, you can click the item "GSBE" and (provided you have the CD in the drive) it will begin to play back the 5 MP3s on the disk. Feel free to copy the MP3s to your hard drive. Please feel free to We'd rather that you did not distribute them on-line because we're trying to add value to this CD. Trading the extra content on the net makes the purchase of your CD less valuable to you. If you'd like to get more GSBE MP3s, check out Da Music. Feel free to share the MP3s that we post on our website with everyone you know!

For help running Winamp, check out the official Winamp site. Be sure to download the latest version of the best MP3 player for the Windoze platform.Upgrade to the latest version of Winamp...

Problems with MacAMP

MacAmp is no longer available or supported. You should try another Mac MP3 application like Panic's Audion or iTunes from Apple.

To install MacAmp on an OS8 or OS9 machine drag the MacAMP folder onto your hard drive. This will copy all of the files necessary to play back the MP3s. Alternately, you don't even have to install the program to your hard drive. If you double click the MP3s on the CD, your Macintosh is smart enough just to run MacAMP off of the CD.

Problems with Cthugha- the visual plug-in for Winamp

Problems with the CDs Winamp plug-in Cthugha for Winamp? It's well worth figuring out the problem and seeing what amazing things this plug-in does. We're sure you'll enjoy it. We have had problems with Cthugha not being listed in the plug-ins tab with later versions of Winamp (v2.23+). There is a new .dll made to correct that problem at this link -> the official Cthugha for Winamp site:

Another thing to try is clicking on the Plug-ins tab, checking the location of the Visualization plug-in directory, and definately hit the Flush plug-in name cache. These steps solve will solve all problems.

There are other troubleshooting tips and more at this site:

Want to add some more pix behind the music? Just download this Zip file and expand these 7 new pictures into the 'pics' folder in the main 'Winamp' directory. They'll automatically load next time you run Cthugha for Winamp!

There are also some other amazing visual plug-ins available for Winamp. Included on the CD in the 'Winamp' directory is a file called 'additional winamp plugins.txt' that details many of them. This file outlining other great visual plug-ins can also be viewed by clicking here.

Problems reading the CD

Most likely if you can't see the disk at all (no audio, no nuthin') then you need to update the driver for your CD-ROM. Sony has compiled a list of these drivers. Check that information out here or check out general info here, here and here.

If you're having a serious problem and the links above are too confusing, email us at the address below and we'll give you some more assistance until the time that we can find out better links about CD-ROM drivers.

Problems with the posters

Included on your CD are generic B&W posters that you can print out and put up around your town to let people know that we're coming. There are 8.5" x 11" and 11" x 17" versions on the CD. Can't load the posters to print 'em? You need the Acrobat Reader. Click on this link to get it: Acrobat Reader

Problems with everthing?

Ok, so you've got some weird problems. Well, probably the best thing to do is to just email us and let us know what it is. Email the band and we'll send out our best weekend computer tech warriers to help .

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