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The band has released 2 CDs. We'd like to let you listen to samples
from every cut of both CDs, in addition to providing links to order them.
GSBE LIVE - 2001 The Guy Smiley Blues Exchange - 1998
GSBE LIVE is culled from a single live performance in the Nashville on December 1st, 2000 at the legendary Jacklegs in Nashville. GSBE LIVE represents the band's raw sound and captures the energy of a live concert. A self-titled debut, this Enhanced CD contains 5 MP3s, an 8-minute video, screensavers and more in addition to these fine 10 tracks. The CD was nominated for Best R&B Album of the Year by the Nashville Music Awards.
Listen to samples of every track in MP3 format:

Click here to order the CD from Amazon.com!
Order this CD from Amazon!
Listen to samples of every track in MP3 format:
Click here to order the CD from Amazon.com!
Order this CD from Amazon!

GSBE Show in Huntsville, AL

Many thanks to Mark Gallegos of Tucson, AZ for the recording of our recent performance at the Crossroads Café on January 10, 2004. You can download the tunes individually in MP3 format here:

Set 1:

  1. Diez Cuatro, Buen Amigo (7.3 MB)
  2. If You Want Me To Stay (4.5 MB)
  3. Suprise (10 MB)
  4. Archives (13 MB)
  5. Funky Stuff (10.5 MB)

Set 2:

  1. Ace Deuce (8.8 MB)
  2. Groove Me (4.8 MB)
  3. The Unexplained (5.2 MB)
  4. Title (4.3 MB)
  5. Get Down Tonight (9.6 MB)
  6. Cuatro en Seis (3.9 MB)
  7. Digital Apples (6.3 MB)
  8. Pick Up The Pieces (10 MB)

Remix of "5 Smiles" by composer Leroy Banana

We have received word from our friend, the soon to be Doctor Leroy Banana, and composer of "5 Smiles" that he has made an electronic remix of a live performance of the song. For those of you with fast connections, you can listen to a streaming version by clicking here. If you're on a modem, download the song.

Nashville Sunday Nights on WRLT available as free download

The Guy Smiley Blues Exchange was featured on WRLT's "Nashville Sunday Nights" program in January of 2002 with special guests Jeff Coffin of Béla Fleck & the Flecktones, Annie Sellick, Dan Sherrill, Matt Nolen, DJ Viper, Audiofonix, and others. This entire 2+ hour radio show and pictures are available here.

5 FREE LIVE MP3s recorded at Camp Buzz 8

The GSBE performed Saturday June 16, 2001 at Camp Buzz 8 on the Main Stage at 7:00pm. Boogie Down Sounds was there to record it. You can download these MP3s by clicking here.

GSBE Live on Lee and Wolfe Radio

The Guy Smiley Blues Exchange visited the studio of the Lee and Wolfe Radio and recorded two songs on 6.29.01 for broadcast on the Lee and Wolfe syndicated radio show.You can download all thirty-one glorious minutes by clicking here. This download is a 25MB MP3 file filled with 2 tunes and interviews with the entire band. This was one of the best radio shows we've been involved with and the sound is really great! Be sure to check this one out.


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