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The Guy Smiley Blues Exchange
Nominated for NMA (Nammie)

Nominations for the fifth annual Nashville Music Awards were released Thursday, November 19, 1998 at Cafe Milano. Nominated in the Best R&B Album of the Year category is The Guy Smiley Blues Exchange.

"We're pleased to be nominated in a category with such well respected musicians," says the band's manager, April Scott. "It's wonderful to be in a city that recognizes local musicians and their accomplishments."

Tickets for this year's awards at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TPAC) go on sale January 15th. The event is scheduled for February 10, 1999.

Previous winners of the NMA Best R&B Album of the Year award include:

1995 Various Artists

Rhythm, Country & Blues

1996 Al Kooper

Soul Of A Man: Live

1997 Tracy Nelson

Move On

1998 Victor Wooten

What Did He Say

"Leadership Music's Nashville Music Awards were conceived in 1994 to showcase the wide diversity of talent in Middle Tennessee as well as to provide a means for the music community to contribute to the Nashville community as a whole. In the past, the Nashville Music Awards have provided many artists their first awards, and they often serve as a precursor to the Grammy Awards, with many Nashvillians winning first at the NMAs before capturing the Grammy Awards. The show is coordinated and run by volunteers within the Nashville community."

-Leadership Music

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